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white road Dance Media performing High Tide.

white road Dance Media is an NYC-based dance company founded in 2003. wrDM is committed to creating and performing dance work that is intellectual, accessible, and artistically refined. Movement is everything, exploration is a must, new territory demands our attention.


2023 Untitled beach project Details TBA.

Company & Collaborators

Marisa Green, Director

Marisa is an American artist based in NYC with roots in the deep south. Her passion is building new worlds with moving images. Visit with her photography work here.

Sammy Donahue, Performer

Sammy Donahue is originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and received her BFA with honors in Dance from Ohio University. In August of 2011 she moved to Brooklyn NY, and since then has had the joy of being continually inspired and pushed by the countless stellar artists in this city. In addition to her work with wrDM, where she is in her fourth season, Sammy most recently joined Nadine Bommer Dance Company, the NYC branch of Nadine’s Israeli performance group. She also currently performs with Megan Bascom & Dancers (MB&D) and has previously been lucky to work with many companies including Brynne Billingsley & Artists, DanceTheYard, and MADArt Creative. When she isn't dancing, Sammy lives an administrative life acting as studio manager for Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, company manager for MB&D, and taking on freelance projects when she can. And on her rare but blessed days off, she fills her time with stories of all kinds: reading, watching, and listening. Sammy would like to thank her family and friends for their continued support and Marisa for the ongoing opportunity to delve deeper into the unknown with wrDM.

Andy Dickerson, Resident Lighting Designer

Andy's lights are awesome. Just watch. Visit Andrew Dickerson Lighting to read more!

Sydnie Liggett, Performer

Sydnie Liggett, originally from Northern Virginia, is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BFA in dance and a minor in communications. In college she was fortunate to work with choreographers Doug Varone, Larry Keigwin, Nicole Wolcott, Shani Nwando Ikerioha Collins, Abigail Yager (of Trisha Brown Dance Company), and mentor Bebe Miller. After moving to New York in 2010 she has focused on a career in Arts Administration. Previously working as the Education Programs Coordinator at the former Dance New Amsterdam until 2012, Sydnie is currently the School Director of The Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn, NY. She also currently serves on the 2014-2015 Dance/NYC Junior Committee. She manages to maintain performing by dancing for the Median Movement, Jamal Jackson Dance Company, Kendra Portier|BANDPortier, and white road Dance Media.

Miranda Lyon, Performer

Miranda Lyon grew up in Erie PA as the product of musical parents. She attended SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance and received her BFA in 2004. Here in NYC, she has danced with NOA Dance/Nelly van Bommel, Jessica Morgan, Sidra Bell Dance NY, Charlotte Gibbons, Keila Cordova, and many others. Miranda is a recent graduate of Columbia University, receiving her Doctorate of Physical Therapy with honors in 2014. She is incredibly happy to be dancing in her fourteenth (!) season with white road.

Chad Raines, Composer

Chad is a Composer/Sound Designer/Performer currently living and working in dubious circumstances. He does this stuff a lot. He performs his music as The Simple Pleasure and is probably on tour. See here.

Justin Sherburn, Composer

Justin Sherburn is a musician, composer, and musical director based in Austin, Texas. He has produced scores for award winning theater, dance, film, and television. Justin currently records and tours with the rock group Okkervil River and Glovertango, a traditional Argentine tango orchestra. If you enjoyed the soundtrack for North Country, you can download it for free at Montopolismusic.

Alexandra Taylor, Performer

Alexandra Taylor is a dance artist, creating, educating, and performing in NYC and throughout the U.S. After receiving her MFA from U of Oregon in 2010, she moved to the city and founded (Alex)andra Taylor Dance, a project-based modern dance company, and co-founded TRANSForm Dance Collective, a teaching residency and performance group, with eight other transnational dance educators and performers. This is Alex's first season with white road and she cannot even begin to express how truly pumped she is for this journey!

Past Company Members

Over the past ten+ years, Marisa and white road Dance Media have had the honor of working with some truly amazing performers and creative minds.
Many thanks and much love to Alli Alemi, Laura Arrington, Megan Bascom, Julian Barnett, Gabriella Barnstone, Abby Bender, Julie Bordonaro, Brynne Billingsley, Tara Lee Burns, Jonathan Ciccarelli, Leah Curry, Marlena Duncan, Jessica S. Finn, Allison Harmer, Jen Kosky, Emily Maurer, Glen Meynardie, Hanna Olvera, Patrik Phalen, Kendra Portier, Dana Reed, Liz Riga, Shana Simmons, Ashley Singletary, Jenny Stulberg, Julie Turner, Sara Edwards, and Sarah Zitnay.

Current Projects

Untitled beach project
In development, details TBA.

Past Performances & Events


Continental Divide Trail Artist in Residence Thru Hike
June 24-December 4 - Southbound, Canada to Mexico


It's Not Not Fun
May 26 - Ponderosa, Berlin GER

The One Where She Jumps Off
May 25 - Ponderosa, Berlin GER

REMIX Artist Residency
May 16-27 - Ponderosa, Berlin GER


SCREAMDANCE! Film Fest 2017
October 29 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

Silo Guest Artist Residency
October 23-29 - Silo Kirkland Farm, Springtown PA


AUNTS/Danspace's Platform 2016: The Zine Project w/Mayfield Brooks & Alexa Wilson
November 8 - Arts On Site, New York NY

November 7 & 8 - various locations, New York NY

SCREAMDANCE! Film Fest 2016
October 28 - UnionDocs, Brooklyn NY

Appalachian Trail Artist in Service Thru Hike
April 15-October 22 - Northbound, Georgia to Maine

Still Lives (excerpts)
February 20 - Women in Motion Salon #13, New York NY

The Cavallarian Quest
February 6-February 29 - online in Gawker's 500 DoK series

The Virginia Suite
February - October - online performative video series


Silo Guest Artist Residency
November 5-10 - Silo Kirkland Farm, Springtown PA

SCREAMDANCE! Film Fest 2015
October 30 - UnionDocs, Brooklyn NY

September 13 - Ponderosa, Berlin GER

con|VERGE Artist Residency
August 29-September 14 - Ponderosa, Berlin GER

Canyon Ours
June 25 - FABnyc at Downtown Art, New York NY

Artward Bound Artist Residency with the Field
May 18-28 - Earthdance, Plainfield MA

The Lion and the Bull
April 24 & 25 - Green Street Studios, Boston MA

February 19, 27 & March 7 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


Silo Guest Artist Residency
October 2-5 - Silo Kirkland Farm, Springtown PA

Hoarse (condensed)
April 1 & 2 - Dixon Place, New York NY

February 13, 14 & 15 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


Silo Guest Artist Residency
August 21-25 - Silo Kirkland Farm, Springtown PA

April 4, 5 & 6 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

North Country (excerpt)
February 8 & 9 - CoolNY 10th Anniversary Festival, Brooklyn NY


Evergreen preview
November 7 - Open Performance with Movement Research, New York NY

Silo Guest Artist Residency
April 25-28 - Silo Kirkland Farm, Springtown PA

Mick Jagger Sings Barbra Streisand's Hits!
April 12 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

Night Thing
March 22-24 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


North Country
October 27-30 - Boyd Vance Theatre, Austin TX

Deer, To Me
October 20-23 - Boyd Vance Theatre, Austin TX

Deer, To Me (excerpt)
September 17 & 18 - Hudson River Summer Series, New York NY

North Country (excerpt)
August 19 - Hoover Dam Collective, Brooklyn NY

Mick Jagger Sings Judy Garland's Hits!
April 15-17 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

North Country
April 1-3 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


Deer, To Me
March 18-21 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


I Want My 90s!!!
March 19-22 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY


March 28-30 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

Anna (excerpt)
June - BOS Festival, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Anna (excerpt)
August - WPA Free Fest, Brooklyn NY


You're Coming With Me Young Lady
February 7-9 - Joyce SoHo, NYC

Late May Be Dark
June - BOS Festival, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Anna (excerpt)
August - WPA Free Fest, Brooklyn NY


Character Assassination
March 30, 31 - Apr 1 - Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

High Tide
June - DNA, RAW Material, NYC

High Tide (excerpt)
August - WPA Free Fest, Brooklyn NY


Exile from the Party
February - Mulberry St Theatre, NYC

Peach Dream
May - Hoi Polloi Studios, Boston MA

You'll Need Arms For That
June - BOS Festival, Martha's VY MA


White Room
February - WAX, WAXworks, Brooklyn NY

We'll Wear White After Tonight
September - WAX, Brooklyn NY


White Room
December - Works in Progress at Dancespace, NYC


Classes and Workshops

wrDM can offer many exciting classes and workshops in conjunction with or separate from a residency program. All the classes listed below can be tailored to suit student ages and levels from beginner to advanced; the range and amount of material covered will be dependent on workshop or class duration.

Making Dances (taught by Marisa)

Students will learn fresh new approaches in an encouraging environment on how to create movement for and structure a solo work, with emphasis placed on movement invention and craft. Conceptually driven and musical methods will be explored in detail as students work to express themselves within new ideas.

Just Shoot Something! Dance Filmmaking (taught by Marisa, assisted by wrDM video collaborators)

The intersection of dance, film & new technology is an amazing one, with possibilities popping up left, right and center. In this class students will jump right in and learn basic camera operation/navigation techniques, and then construct and screen their own 3-5 minute dance films using professional camera equipment and Final Cut X editing software. DVDs or vimeo uploads of the students' final projects provided.

Modern Technique (taught by the company)

Utilizing wrDM phrasework and movement vocabulary, students will be led through an energetic, musical and dynamic modern technique class. A thorough yoga based warm-up will be followed by basic weight shifting, upside-down work, and easy across the floor partnering before culminating in a large repertory-based movement phrase.

Ballet Technique (taught by Miranda)

Advanced level, kick ass ballet for the modern dancer.

Partnering (taught by Marisa with the company)

This class will help students shed traditional partnering views- anyone can lift anyone, after all! Using repertory duet material, students will work in pairs exploring the super exciting world of sharing weight, making time and reading/anticipating one another. Emphasis will be placed on keeping your partner safe and learning when and how to best take risks. Class will culminate in a mini-performance of the material.

Big Bad Wolf City: Dancing in NYC (taught by the company)

Geared for college dance majors who want to dance professionally in NYC. Topics like auditions, living paycheck to paycheck, where to take classes, obtaining yoga/pilates/massage/PT certifications, and general survival will be covered with time for Q&A.

Repertory and Residencies

wrDM offers residency programs for colleges and universities, Lec-Dems for colleges and communities, and performances for all audiences.

Residencies, designed for college and university settings, can be as short as a few days or as long as a few months. While the company is in residency, Marisa will create a new work for or set an existing repertory work on selected dancers. The company will also teach classes during their stay. Please see Classes and Workshops for a list of offerings and detailed descriptions.

Lecture Demonstrations, which give an inside perspective from both Marisa and the dancers, are suitable for any audience, college and otherwise. Communities that want to learn more about how dance works, but do not necessarily want to take a dance class, will find this format particularly engaging. Audiences will have ample time for questions and will feel encouraged to ask them. Lec-dems are most successful when presented in conjunction with a performance.

wrDM can perform selected works from their repertory in a high or low tech environment: formally, on a stage with lights and sound, or informally, in a studio, gymnasium, or any community space. Outdoor shows are also possible. wrDM prides itself on being able to perform in any space and we encourage you to contact us.

Press, Honors and Awards

Byron Woods for Independent Weekly, July 2003
Feature in Block Magazine, June 2006
Preview in About Town, The New Yorker, February 2007
Claudia LaRocco for The NYT, February 2007
KOOP Radio Off Stage and On the Air Interview with Lisa Scheps, October 2011
Austin On Stage Preview, October 2011
Jonelle Seitz for the Austin Chronicle, October 2011
James Rainey for The Dance Enthusiast, October 2011
DE Asks Feature, Comedy in Dance Festival, April 2012
Audience Response in The Dance Enthusiast, April 2013
Trina Mannino for DE Asks Feature in The Dance Enthusiast, February 2014
Brian Carey Chung for Pentacle, February 2014
Theo Boguszewski for The Dance Enthusiast, Pentacle Gallery Showcase, April 2014
Dance Magazine blog preview, January 2015
Postcard Feature in The Dance Enthusiast, February 2015
Charmaine Warren preview, February 2015
Interview with Broadway World, February 2015
Siobhan Burke, NYT Dance Listing, February 2015
Sammi Lim for DE Asks Feature in The Dance Enthusiast, October 2017

Honors/Awards/Residencies [Awarded to Marisa for her work with wrDM]
Recipient, Harkness Space Grant at the 92 St Y, 2004-5
Recipient, Space Grant, Triskelion Arts 2006
Nominee, Joyce SoHo Artist in Residence, 2006 and 2007
Selected as a performing company in the WPA Free Fest, 2006-8
Finalist, Sugar Salon, 2007
Recipient, Harkness Space Grant, Joyce SoHo, 2007
Artist in Residence, Carver Center for the Performing Arts, 2011
Silo/DanceNOW Artist Residencies, 2012-15, 2017
Recipient, Mellon Foundation Space Subsidy at Triskelion Arts, 2012-15, 2017
Recipient, the Field's Artward Bound Artist Residency at Earthdance, 2015
Selected as project leader for con|VERGE Artist Residency at Ponderosa in Berlin GER, 2015
Recipient, KD Foundation Grant, 2015-16
Artist in Service, Appalachian Trail, 2016
Artist in Residence, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, 2019


wrDM is available for performances, community outreach, house parties, and local space travel. Feel welcome to email us hello@whiteroaddancemedia.com for general inquiries.

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